NGC 6914


vdB 132, 131,  LDN 897, & LBN 47

Exposure:                   L = 90 min 1x1, RGB = 60 min 2x2
Date:                           Aug 19 - Sept 2, 2008.
Comments:                 North is at the top in this image. East is to the left.


NGC 6914 is the blue nebula at the top - just off to the right of center.  Its Dreyer  description is that it is a "bright nebula with two stars attached westward." The two stars identify it nicely, but the object looks like a reflection nebula to me.     


Directly below 6914 is the reflection nebula, van den Bergh 132.  And down to the right from this is vdB 131.


There is a tiny reflection nebula to the lower left of vdB 131 - it is surrounded by a circlet of stars - I cannot find a designation for this one.


The large dark area in the lower right is Lynd's Dark Nebula 897. This almost looks like a hole in the background nebulosity through which we are seeing distant stars, but I believe that is not the case. The nebula really is dark and the stars we see are in front of it.


The bright emission nebulosity is called Lynd's Bright Nebula 47.


                    Don Scott 2008

The Holin A. Grotch Observatory


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