M 78

Group of reflection nebulas

Exposure:                   L, R, G, B.  Each 60 min (Lum 1x1, RGB 2x2)
Date:                           Dec 30, 2008 - Jan 1, 2009
Comments:                 This group of reflection nebulae includes, among other things:

Top left of center:                 NGC 2071.

Lower center left:                 M 78, aka  NGC 2068, the brightest and bluest member of the group.

To the upper right of M 78: NGC 2067

Below NGC 2067:               NGC 2064. There is a yellow-orange binary pair of stars to its left.

Below NGC 2064 (On the very bottom edge of the image - rusty red in color): McNeil's Nebula.


Don Scott

The Holin A. Grotch Observatory



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