Gamma Casseiopeia Nebulae

IC 63 and IC 59

Exposure:       R = Halpha, B = OIII, (both 90 min), G = Derived from Halpha & OIII by a Photoshop action authored by Noel Carboni.
Date:               Oct. 16, 2009.

1. The orange colored nebula to the upper left is IC 63. This is what is usually called the 'Gamma Cas Nebula'. The deeper red nebula at the top (right of center) is IC 59.

2.This is a narrow-band (false color) image. Normal RGB images of this area are usually flooded with stars. Also the hugely bright BO star, Gamma Cas, floods the area with blooming light. Therefore I thought I would try a narrow-band image.  I had just received Noel's latest 'Photoshop Actions' and one of them derives a green channel from the red and blue channels. I have always had poor star colors from my earlier Ha and OIII exposures. Noel's latest effort affords the best star colors I have ever obtained from such narrow-band filters.

Don Scott

The Holin A. Grotch Observatory


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