The Cocoon Nebula

IC 5146 / SH2-125

Exposure:           L = 24 x 5 min. (1x1); RGB = 15 x 5 min (2x2).

Date:                   8/20-22/2007
          The central part of the nebula is surrounded  by a dark outer cloud of matter (known as Lynd's Dark Nebula 1055).  This cloud subtly dims or obscures background stars all the way out to the upper right hand corner of the image.  Notice a white star a couple of inches away and slightly lower than straight out to the right of the Cocoon. This star is illuminating the dark nebula behind it creating what is called a 'reflection nebula'.  This one is included in the van den Bergh catalog of such objects as vdB 147.


Don Scott

The Holin A. Grotch Observatory


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